Build your own photovoltaic module workshop – Madrid


Have you ever wanted to build your own solar panel? Well, that’s the opportunity students were given at the Campus Sur community in Madrid in April 2024. This event was part of a wide range of hands-on activities the AURORA project is now implementing across all its pilots. All these activities are designed to raise awareness among citizens about energy-related aspects and encourage them to think more critically about how we generate and use energy.


In a workshop lasting 10 hours, 18 participants built a photovoltaic panel from scratch and evaluated its operation. The workshop combined knowledge on basic electronics, developed an understanding about semiconductor materials and taught basic soldering skills, and introduced new concepts about renewable energy.

Hands-on learning through doing is proving a great way to engage youngsters in understanding the practical actions that need to be tackled to mitigate climate change.  AURORA plans to produce a “Train the Trainer” manual to share our ideas and our approach. This guide will include all the activities we have conducted, along with manuals, videos, and resources, enabling others to replicate our efforts effectively.  We will share this approach not only locally, but through the AURORA ambassadors at all levels and with the EU Climate ambassadors.

But if you cannot wait to try out the exercise in building a solar panel you can obtain a copy of the learning module and replicate this exercise by dropping an E Mail to

Several images from different moments of the workshops.
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