Project AURORA hosts thermal photography contest at Aarhus University


Thermography is a common non-invasive method for fault detection in many areas, e.g. thermal bridges in buildings, degradation or mismatches in photovoltaic modules, etc. In this contest, participants can submit their thermal photos and stand a chance to win an Aarhus City gift card worth 500 kr. 

Hidden Energy Problems
Thermal Photography Contest

Category 1:  Buildings

Participants use smart thermal cameras to find thermal bridges in buildings at AU. Location of the thermal bridge needs to be documented, so we can share it with building services later. Winner will be judged based on the biggest thermal bridge (most heat loss). Winner will be decided by a combined judging panel.

Category 2: Solar Panels

Participants take photos of solar panel installations in and around Aarhus. If no fault is observed, winner will be judged based on best creativity, where creative approach and visual aesthetics are the main criteria. Winner will be decided by a combined judging panel and voting on social media. 

Category 3: Others

Participants can take photos of relevant objects. Winner will be judged based on best relevance to the theme of the contest (“Hidden Energy Problems”). Winner will be decided by a combined judging panel and voting on social media.

Rules of the contest: 

  • The contest runs from 11 March 2024 to 10 April 2024 (last day for submission). 
  • Winner will be announced by 25 April. 
  • Participants can loan a smart thermal camera from AURORA for one week (free of charge). See link at the bottom. 
  • Photos can be submitted via this Google Form
  • Participants are allowed to participate in more than one category, and can submit up to one photo per category, 
  • One winner from each category will be chosen and each winner will get an award of Aarhus city gift card worth 500 kr.
  • Judging panel comprises of Marta Victoria, Gorm Andresen, Lars Bräuner, and Jens Andersen
  • Voting for social media for Category 2 and 3 will take place at our Instagram account. Stay tuned by following @aurora.aarhus
  • Further questions about the contest can be directed to 

Tips about thermal photography 

  • Follow the instructions that come with the camera kit to set your phone ready. 
  • Avoid direct sunshine or rain. Evenings or cold days would be the best to see the heat loss from a building. 
  • Places where thermal bridging would occur most: joins in the buildings, around windows and doors, ventilation points, flooring, external walls, ventilation points, etc. 
  • Additional tips can be found in this fantastic Thermal Imaging Cameras_FCE_Top tips developed by our project partner in Forest of Dean.
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