First solar cooperative founding meeting held in Aarhus successfully


On 25 July, the founders of the solar cooperative held their first founding meeting online. The founders discussed, among other things, how the organization will be like, who can become members, and other terms in the cooperative statutes. 

The founding meeting was possible, as a result of positive responses from the stakeholders, namely, the building owner FEAS and Aarhus University. FEAS agreed on the placement of photovoltaic (PV) systems on the rooftops of their buildings, while Aarhus University agreed to purchase the electricity produced from the PV installations. The discussions with the stakeholders took over a year, as the “prosumer-via-third-party” framework is newly introduced in Denmark since 2022. Formal agreements are being penned down at this moment. 

Another meeting among the founders will be held in August to form a board of directors, before the solar cooperative is officially registered. Soon interested citizens can start crowdfunding the rooftop solar installations. 

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