AURORA attends Student Fair at Aarhus University


From 28 to 30 August, AURORA’s local demonstrator in Aarhus attended the Student Fair 2023. 

The project team submitted formal registration for the local solar cooperative Universitets Energifællesskab a week before the fair. Four founders of the cooperative attended the fair and talked to interested students. 

One of the founders, Martin Mørk, set up an interactive solar box, where the students can plug into different channels to learn about solar energy and the local cooperative.


While the energy community is new to some students, others revealed that they have been following the progress and are curious about when crowdfunding starts. 

“We have overcome a few challenges during the last one and a half years. Now that Universitets Energifællesskab is founded, we expect the crowdfunding start in about one to two months.” says project coordinator Zhe, who is also a founder of the cooperative. 

The Student Fair is held yearly by Aarhus University’s Students Council, where students explore sports and culture clubs at the university. In 2022, about 15,000 visitors attended the fair. 


Interactive solar box made by Martin Mørk

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