Solar power plant Brežice – Educational excursion for students


The Student Energy Club (ŠEK) is planning to organize an educational excursion in April 2024, where students will have the opportunity to visit the Brežice Solar Power Plant, currently the largest solar power plant in Slovenia.

The aim of the excursion is to give students a practical experience to build on their theoretical knowledge in the field of renewable energies. We are planning to organise bus transport, for which we will provide three or possibly even four buses, depending on the number of registered participants.

The Brežice solar power plant has been connected to the transmission grid and is located next to the Brežice hydroelectric power plant, covering an area of six hectares. Annual production is expected to be 6 800 megawatt hours, enough to meet the needs of 1 500 households.

The solar power plant is installed on six hectares of land and comprises 11,232 panels and has a rated capacity of six megawatts. The special feature of this plant is its connection to the transmission grid and its hybrid operation in cooperation with the Brežice hydroelectric power plant. The Brežice solar power plant operates as the fourth unit of the Brežice hydroelectric power plant. This parallel mode of operation allows for optimization of the plant’s operation. The flow storage of the Brežice hydropower plant is used as energy storage.

The construction of the solar power plant took one year and was completed in November 2022. The total investment amounted to approximately €4.5 million, for which a subsidy of €800 thousand was also obtained.

The expert excursion to the Brežice solar power plant is an excellent opportunity for students to gain first-hand insight into the operation and use of renewable energy sources. You are invited to sign up for this educational excursion and learn about advanced energy technologies in practice!

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