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Aarhus University, Denmark

Aarhus University’s energy community has been established as a cooperative. Students and employees have the opportunity to invest and get annual economic returns. The community will challenge public perception of various wind and solar infrastructure projects in Denmark, and start dialogues on citizen involvement in the decarbonisation of the energy systems in Europe.

University of Évora, Portugal

In Évora, the solar power plant aims to make an important contribution to the campus energy balance. The main objective is to create an energy community that better distributes renewable energy on campus through the public grid.

Forest of Dean District Council, United Kingdom

The Forest Energy Community Initiative is about people joining together to generate and use energy differently. Opportunities exist for solar panels to be put on a public or community asset building so that the reduced cost energy helps keep that community asset viable in the long term. The solar installation itself will be owned by everyone who wants to buy a share, via a community shares offer.

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Students at the University of Ljubljana have founded a Student Energy Club (Študentski energetski klub, ŠEK) that will raise awareness, foster media support, and enable an exchange of the views among the students. Likewise, employees at the University of Ljubljana have established an Academic Energy Community (Akademska energetska skupnost, AES).

Technical University of Madrid, Spain

The Technical University of Madrid is building an energy community for the university community to participate in the energy transition challenge by producing their own PV energy. It will also serve as a citizen science centre to monitor the daily energy habits of its members so that each individual can make changes in their consumption and emissions.

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